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MDB - 2500A Straight Type- SIM POWER MDB - 2500A Straight Type Certificate - SIM POWER MDB - 2500 Amp L Shape-SIM POWER MDB - 2500 Amp Certificate-Sim Power MDB - 1600 Amp Straight Type Sim Power MDB - 1600 Amp Certificate Sim Power MDB - 1600 Amp - L Shape Sim Power MDB - 1600 Amp - L Shape Certificate Sim Power MDB -1200 Amps  Sim Power MDB - 1200 Amps - CERTIFICATE Sim Power SMDB -  800A SIM PROTECT SMDB - 800A Certificate SIM PROTECT SMDB - 400A Sim Protect SMDB- 400A CERTIFICATE SIM PROTECT SMDB - 250 Amp Sim Protect SMDB- 250A - CERTIFICATE SIM SLEEK FDB - 125 Amp Sim Sleek FDB-125A SIM SLEEK CERTIFICATE FDB -  250 Amp Sim Sleek FDB- 250A CERTIFICATE SIM SLEEK
Company Profile :
Sub: Introduction of Simpsons Switch Gear Industries FZCO Dubai UAE.You will be happy to receive this letter from SIMPSONS as one of the UAE's fast growing switch gear manufacturing company.SIMPSONS- next generation switch gears- is a high tech, full-fledged innovative manufacturer of latest-technology switch gear and controls.SIMPSONS switch gear comes to you with the world's most sought- after c ... Read More »
Contact : info@simpsons.ae
Mobile No: +971559830815